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6543 names!


The whole Mirror's Edge community knows that there are no news about Mirror's Edge 2 or future content for over a year.

We are aware that you are working on new and exciting projects to add to your older and more popular franchises, but we love Mirror's Edge and we definitely want a sequel. Mirror's Edge deserves a sequel, you have even admitted that. And you said that there was going to be a trilogy. What's going on with that? We want to see a new part of the Mirror's Edge story arc. We definitely don't want to lose such a good game with potential. Potential to become a great and successful franchise.

Lots of Mirror's Edge fans who await Mirror's Edge 2 and future sequels have signed here to show you that we care a lot for this franchise and we definitely want it to be continued. We currently have a list with more than 1.200 names from people all over the world, which is still growing.

Don't forget that we haven't managed to bring here all the people who want Mirror's Edge 2; otherwise we would have a large list of names to be proud of. We made an effort just to show you that the Mirror's Edge community wants a sequel.

The On-Mirror's-Edge fansite, its members and the people who signed the petition.

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